Ultimak Forward Optic Mount for Saiga 12/20 Shotguns

The UltiMAK M11-L provides the answer to forward mounting a high-speed optic over the gas tube on these handy shotguns. This unit replaces the iron sights with a solid, recoil-lugged Picatinny style rail that screws to the gun at the gas block and the rear of the gas tube. It works with any IER ("Scout") scope or any high-end reflex or holographic sight. It has survived our most punishing tests, using the heaviest 3" magnum 12 gauge loads-- if your gun can handle it, the UltiMAK M11-L can handle it. *Notice: The newer Saigas (2008 production and later) have been coming with non removable front sights in a different location on the gas block. These front sights must be ground flush with the gas block. Then a hole must be drilled (#29 drill) into the gas block and tapped to the 4 x 0.7 mm thread for the M11-L mount's front screw. This should only be attempted by those familiar with such procedures. The Saiga shotgun can now be easily fitted with a wide array of optics to suit your needs or tastes. A "Scout" scope for slug shooting, or any of the high-speed reflex and holographic sights will do very well for you. Probably the best shotgun reticle is the EOTech standard A65 holographic reticle (1 MOA** dot with 65 MOA circle) though the EOTech sits a bit high on the Saigas ADD AN AIMPOINT 30MM LOW RING

Ultimak Forward Optic Mount for Saiga 12/20 Shotguns
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