SOLAR TACTICAL Gen 2 Saiga 12 California Magazine Lock

LOW PROFILE GEN 2 SAIGA 12 MAGAZINE LOCK FOR CONVERTED SAIGA SHOTGUNS. This Solar Tactical magazine lock is designed for SAIGA 12 shotguns and attaches to the trigger guard with our unique 4 screw pattern and slides over the magazine latch. The lock can slide on the trigger guard to achieve the proper fit .Is dimpled for strenght to prevent bending once installed and the slot in the bottom provides access to the magazine latch with use of our speed reload tool. The lock requires zero modifications to the weapon for installation and can be removed when out of state. NEWEST STYLE with a second mounting location to work with more conversion styles. Fits ak-builder style and tromix bolt on trigger guard. More trigger guard conversions being tested. This MAGAZINE LOCK is made to conform to the DOJ criteria but has not been approved . MADE IN USA

SOLAR TACTICAL Gen 2 Saiga 12 California Magazine Lock
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  • Item #: S-12
  • Manufacturer: SOLAR TACTICAL
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