All classes require non-refundable full payment to hold your enrollment spot. Payment can be made through the website or at either shop location, (All Credit /Debit Card payments are subject to 3% additional charge). You will not be considered enrolled in the class until payment in full is received. Failure to show up to the class at the specified meeting place and time will be considered a NO SHOW and all funds will be forfeited. Classes require a minimum student count or classes will be cancelled and rescheduled. Beginner classes cost $200, Intermediate class $600, Advanced Beginner $300, Concealed Carry $250, AR Extended Range $300, Long Range Rifle $500, Advanced class $1500, Intermediate Long Range $1200, Beginner Shotgun $200, Private lessons are available upon request. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE. If unable to attend a class you are signed up for YOU MUST NOTIFY US IN WRITING (EMAIL) and receive a confirmation 7 days in advance. If you do not your payment will be forfeited. Ammunition is not included in class fee. Required ammunition counts are the minimum you should bring. Typically, students can and do shoot additional rounds. Beginner classes: 500rds, Intermediate Classes: 1000rds, Advanced class: 2000rds, Long Range: 120rds, Intermediate Long Range: 400rds Rifle and 200rds Carbine, 200rds. Handgun, Shotgun 150rds Buckshot – 50rds Slugs, Concealed Carry 400rds, AR Extended Range 300rds., Low Light 500rds, Advanced Beginner 600rds. List of Required Items: *If you show up to class without required equipment you may not be able to participate in all activities and will forfeit your enrollment fee* 1. Modern Firearm – Auto Handgun, Carbine/AK, Shotgun or Rifle capable of Long Range in good working condition depending on what class you are attending. Calibers: 9mm - .45ACP (handgun), .223-.338 (rifle/carbine) 2. Quality ammunition in the amount outlined for the course you are enrolled in 3. Minimum of (3) Magazines for Handgun or Carbine/AK, Shell holder for shotgun 4. For Handgun: Hip or Leg Holster designed for your particular weapon, magazine pouches for extra magazines, If utilizing a belt holster please bring a belt designed to support your holster Carbine: Good quality sling that will control your weapon, Magazine Pouches for extra magazines. 5. Ballistic Rated Eyewear 6. Hearing Protection – Electronic Preferred 7. Proper clothing for the weather conditions – Hat, Gloves, Jacket, Rain Gear, Footwear, Sunscreen Etc. We will train in all weather conditions. Inclement weather is not a reason for cancellation or refund. When choosing your clothing please remember that hot brass will be flying and loose neck shirts could allow that brass to find its way down your shirt! 8. Hat – Baseball style preferred 9. Good Attitude!! Recommended Equipment and Supplies 1. Note Pad /Pen 2. Food and plenty of fluids – There is no food anywhere close to the facility so please be self sufficient 3. Elbow and knee pads, shooting mat – Carbine/AK and Long Range classes you will spend time in the prone position NOTE: For all classes we will meet at the shop (6252 Preston Ave, Livermore) at 7:00am on the morning of the class and will caravan to facility. You will be considered late at 7:15am, we will depart promptly after organizing the caravan and no later than 7:30am. Approximate travel time is 1hr. There is a portion of the trip that is a dirt road. If you have a sport utility vehicle you may want to utilize that vehicle but you are able to access the property with a car if needed. EGINNER CARBINE

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