Chip McCormick Mag Power 1911 /45 Cal, 10 RD

The Chip McCormick stainless steel POWER MAG+ are lean and sleek! CMC's unique follower design doesn't require an extra long magazine with protruding dimensions like other brands. POWER+ stainless steel follower allows space for larger spring coils and more coils in any given length. Power series designs are unique to CMC magazines which are 100% built on tooling owned by CMC resulting in die controlled tolerances with standards 75% tighter than Mil-Spec standards used by other brands. This All American 1911 magazine gives you the reliability and confidence to be a winner on your local range or international competition

Chip McCormick Mag Power 1911 /45 Cal, 10 RD
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  • Item #: CMC10RD
  • Manufacturer: CMC
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